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Our Policy

Due to the number of inquiries that RADX Technology receives regarding Year 2000 Compliance of our products and our organization, we are unable to complete each individual survey we receive. Because we realize the importance of the Y2K issue, we provide the following information to assure our customers of the compliance of our products and to allow all customers to adapt this information into their various documentation formats.

Our Products

RADX Technology currently produces no products that incorporate, display, store, or transmit date information. Our current products, including the items you may show in your inquiry, do not require consideration for Y2K compliance.

The only RADX product containing a real-time clock has been out of production for over ten years. This product (models Isotron and Isocord; Radio-Isotope Inventory System) relies on a four-digit year entry rather than a two-digit entry as well as incorporating leap year and leap-century programming, making it fully compatible with the year 2000 and beyond.

Our Operating Systems and Suppliers

RADX Technology will be upgrading our computerized inventory and planning system to a Y2K-Compliant system and we expect this upgrade to be complete in early 1999.

We also intend to query our suppliers to ensure that the Year 2000 change will cause no interruption or delays in our operations.

Please contact RADX Technology if you have any specific questions that have not been addressed in this publication.

Email correspondence may be addressed to:
WAsher@radx.com or JFoley@radx.com