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Welcome to S&S X-Ray Products, Inc.

Since its founding in 1947, S&S X-Ray Products has brought efficiency to the radiology diagnostic reading room. Having initially manufactured light boxes and darkroom equipment in collaboration with local radiologists, the company designed the first MV200A motorized viewer in the late 1960s, facilitating film reading and improving turnaround times.

In order to offer more motorized viewer models, S&S X-Ray acquired then competitor RADX Technology in 1986. In the following years, other Par Scientific, a manufacturer or radiation therapy accessories, was added to the product mix.

The S&S MedCart product line, previously called MMP MedCart, originated at Modern Metal Products in Greensboro, North Carolina, which once served as a manufacturing division for S&S X-Ray. In 1999, all divisions relocated to Houston, where we opened a modern 155,000 square foot manufacturing facility.

X-Ray Technology

S&S X-Ray and S&S RADX illuminators and motorized viewers help automate film interpretation in radiology reading rooms worldwide. The sophistication of these machines extends to the user interface, as radiologists comfortable with stationary light boxes easily adapt to RADX’s horizontal belt systems and S&S X-Ray’s vertical panel and belt viewers. Most recent product offerings include the Digital Viewing Station and the Mammography Workstation. Both of these products allow radiology departments to transition easily from film to a fully digital environment, using an ergonomically designed, functional workstation. The lower section of these stations support monitors for evaluating digital images, while the upper part holds a motorized viewer or a standard x-ray illuminator for comparing newer images to earlier hard-copy images.


S&S Technology markets its products worldwide through an independent sales organization and via dealer/distributors.

Regulatory Status

All S&S Technology products are designed and built with the highest quality standards. Moreover, the manufacturing facility in Houston is certified to the FDA’s GMP quality standards. S&S Technology is ISO certified to ISO 13485:2003 and ISO 9001:2008

Please note: S&S X-Ray Products, Inc. has no relation whatsoever to a company sending out unsolicited faxes for Chiropractic DR panels that is using the name “S&S X-ray”